Our Wines

Armenia holds a remarkable depth and diversity of cultural and natural landscapes. This diversity and richness is evident in music, cuisine, art, and—increasingly—Armenia’s rapidly developing wine industry. In the picture above you can see the Koor vineyards nestling below the twin peaks of Mont Ararat the legendary landing ground for Noah and his ark. What few people know is that he did not just bring animals with him but the seeds of winemaking as well!!

In 2011, respected researchers discovered the oldest winemaking facility in the world, dating from approximately 4100 BCE. Armenian grape varietals, like Areni, Kakhet, Voskehat, Kangun, Kakhet and Haghtanak are still relatively unknown outside of the region. Indigenous to the area and distinct from both the European Old World and New World varietals, these are the grapes that, as Vahe Keushguerian, doyen of the Armenian wine renaissance puts it “would perplex a wine professional.”

Since 1998 Vahe and his fellow winemakers have been rebuilding and expanding the Armenian wine industry, and today there is a renaissance. The 2010 vintage was a watershed year, and Yerevan now boasts almost a dozen wine bars, while Armenian wines are appearing on global top ten lists.