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Armenia is one of the oldest wine-producing nations in the world and with the recent discoveries by an international archaeological team of the Areni cave with is original Karas or wine making vessels dated at close to 6100 years old can justifiably claim to be the oldest on record.


The recent excitement and fast developing worldwide interest in Armenian wine is the result of the unique grape varietals indigenous to Armenia and the country’s exceptional terroir, the characteristics that soil, weather, climate, and other environmental factors impart to the grapevines.


While wine production had been in Soviet times rather concentrated on the mass production of grapes destined to produce Armenian Brandy, so popular in Russia, since independence in 1991 the focus has moved back towards the production of grapes for wine.


More recently there has been a complete renaissance with the emergence of a number of vineyards and wineries that have benefited from significant investment in the vineyards and in winemaking equipment combined with the expertise of winemakers from abroad. The result is an explosion of very exciting and drinkable wines.

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