Koor wines are a traditional blend of indigenous Armenian varietals, grown primarily in high-elevation vineyards of Vayots Dzor, Armenia. The name Koor – is a tribute to Armenian riverboat craftsmanship and wine merchantry.
The illustration on the label shows the scene from Herodotus’ book “Histories” .Armenian merchants used to travel from Armenia to Babylon down the river Euphrates in boats made of wood and animal hides, with casks of palm-wood filled with wine and a few donkeys. In Babylon they would sell the wine, the wood, roll the animal skins, mount them on donkeys and head back to Armenia along the banks of the river.
Armenian wine Koor from Highland Cellars has absorbed the centuries-old traditions of wine-producing Armenia and its creators’ love for this land, where, according to Bible, Noah planted the first vine at the foothills of Mount Ararat. The successful launch of Koor wine production has become possible due to several factors: the great desire of its founders – the natives of Armenia and their friends, to preserve the local winemaking traditions as well as to contribute to the revival of wine-drinking culture of one of the oldest wine regions in the world; involvement of high-class experts to the production, each of whom was responsible for a particular stage of wine production, starting from the selection of grapes and the area of its growth to the manufacturing techniques and wine labels design.

Koor entered the Armenian wine market in 2015. Made exclusively from the Armenian grape varieties, as a tribute to the Armenian heritage, Koor embodies both the centuries-old secrets and the latest technologies of winemaking. Today, the market of wines has been actively expanding in the world, following the steadily growing demand for wine – a glass of high quality wine for a good dinner or lunch seems to be nowadays as desirable as ever.

Despite the fact that the long-standing leaders of the wine production, such as Italy and France, keep enjoying their positions on the international market, we believe that Armenian wine has a promising future and will find its market niche. In this aspect Koor wine, produced from indigenous Armenian grapes, can make a worthy contribution to the recognition of Armenia as an ancient wine-making country.

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