About Stork Vineyards and Wine

Cascara Gourmet is proud to be importing Stork wine. The vineyard is located in Ararat valley in Armenia, with a magnificent view of Mount Ararat. Our wine is a tribute to storks and the label features a flying stork. Our founder was inspired by these magnificent creatures as he drove around the Armenian countryside and photographed them in their habitats. The journeys took him to the villages of Armash, Surenavan, Areni, Arpi, Yelpin and many others, in the provinces of Armavir, Aragatsotn, Ararat and Vayots Dzor

This is Kangoun! Grapes our Stork is made of.

Kangoun is grown in our own vineyards in Taperakan, Ararat region.
Soil structure here is based on volcanic remains providing the light and pleasant minerality in our wine.
As for the strict continental climate typical of this region (here is the biggest difference between summer and winter temperatures among all winemaking regions of Armenia) and large diurnal range (difference between day and night temps), they help grapes to ripen in a more balanced way.
Warmer daytime temps help to foster sugar development, but cool nights preserve aromas, freshness and acidity.